The finest non-GMO, non-hybrid heirloom seed banks on the market, pure and simple

Why Texas Ready?

Most people purchase seed banks with very little knowledge about seeds, gardening or a true understanding of what is actually required to achieve food independence.

There are FIVE important factors you should carefully evaluate when selecting a seed kit.

  1. What type of seeds are in the kit?
    Like the seeds in our banks, they need to be strictly open-pollinated, heirloom type varieties. This is absolutely essential if you wish to become self-sufficient.

  2. How many varieties are included?
    Our banks contain over 80 varieties, which provides you with fall-back crops in case a particular seed type fails. We also include breeds that will enable you to maximize your full growing season - you'll have a spring, summer, fall, and even a winter garden (depending on your growing zone). If your bank only contains 20 or 30 varieties, you're not even close to approaching self-sustainability. Furthermore, our banks are designed to provide not only an interesting and varied diet, but we have paid special attention to providing for the ongoing nutritional needs of your family as well.

  3. Are the seeds certified?
    The US Department of Agriculture has set minimum standards for germination rates for most major varieties of seed. We are the only company that uses only laboratory certified seed in their banks. Certified seed is more expensive, but well worth the extra cost. See our Testimonial page for what our customers have to say about it!

  4. How are the seeds packaged? 
    If your seeds are not packaged in a box that is resealable and guards from light, moisture, humidity, insects and vermin, you will need to replace your storage container with something that will fully protect your investment. Texas Ready seeds come packaged inside reconditioned, resealable US Army ammo boxes.

  5. Will the seeds thrive in your growing zone?
    Texas Ready seed varieties are regionally selected based on your particular growing zone - you can rest assured that the heirloom seeds in your bank will actually grow in your area.