Texas Ready

by Jacob Mittleider with Jim Kennard, ed.

290 pp, w/full color illustrations

The Mittleider Gardening Method combines the best features of soil-based gardening and hydroponic gardening, but without hydroponic expense, power requirements and expensive infrastructure! It’s a complete, easy-to-follow plan that eliminates guesswork and ensures success anywhere: an apartment patio, a city backyard, a country lot or a farm.

This method is based on maximum utilization of space, time, and resources. Crops are large because plants are close together, nourished by supplemental feedings of natural mineral nutrients (as in hydroponics), but with no special equipment. You can use the Mittleider Method by raising crops in either soil-beds or grow-boxes and you’ll enjoy amazing yields like never before!

The book provides simple, straight-forward instruction and illustrations on every element of the Mittleider System of growing. It teaches all the basics plus 15 advanced topics, such as cold-weather gardening, pruning for maximum yields, growing plants vertically, solutions to common gardening problems such as controlling bugs and diseases, understanding fertilizers, home seedling production, building an inexpensive greenhouse and more.

This is how we grow here at Texas Ready, and it is what we recommend to all of our customers. Buy it!

Note that this book is included free of charge with the Safe, Vault & Treasury Seed Banks.