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Carrots, Corn, Tomatoes, Onions, Beans, Peas, Broccoli, Mustard, Lettuce, Turnips, Asparagus, Cucumbers, Melons, Peppers, Kale, Green Beans, Eggplant, Beets, Spinach, Cabbage, Squash, Celery & Herbs

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Five Different Sizes

Our seed banks are built based on the number of adults you wish to feed:

The Piggy Bank - 2 Adults | The Lock Box - 4
The Safe - 6 | The Vault - 12 | The Treasury >30

The Piggy Bank

The Vault (12 Adults)

$495.00 $860.00

The Vault will feed up to 12 adults wishing to supplement their diet with fresh, nutritious, truly organic produce. Includes a Texas Ready Mittleider Gardening Chart, The Vegetable Gardener’s BibleThe Mittleider Gardening Course, Seed to Seed and two 20 oz Texas Ready/Mittleider Trace Element Nutrient Packs.

All Sizes Now on Sale!

Harvest Right X-Large Pro Freeze Dryer

$4,745.00 $5,295.00

We have X-Large Harvest Right Freeze Dryers in stock & on sale! This new model will freeze dry 6,000 lbs of food in a year's time. That's 1,440 No 10 (1 gallon) cans of food with a shelf life exceeding 25 years! Call us at 281-288-7826 to reserve your unit.

Health Ranger Interview

We ran into Mike Adams (the Health Ranger) at the Exit & Build Summit last week, and he conducted a short interview with Lucinda (the Seed Lady). They discussed seeds, gardens and our recently introduced Online Mittleider Gardening Workshop. The Mittleider system is the most efficient, inexpensive and productive method of gardening we've found. We employ the Mittleider methodology in our own gardens, and have taught the system to Texas Ready students and customers all over the US.

Click here to listen in!

Over 70 varieties of non-hybrid, non-GMO heirloom seed

Lab certified to meet or exceed minimum USDA germination rates. All five sizes contain the same general mix of breeds; only the quantity of seed and instructional material varies.

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All Liberty Seed Banks come with a Seed Viability Guarantee

Because we sell only USDA certified seed, Texas Ready is the only seed bank company offering a full guarantee on the quality of their seed stock.

From backyard to barnyard, 5 sizes available

Hear What Our Customers Have To Say

The owner of a local company that sells organic beef was at my house recently, and he was so amazed with our garden. He wanted to know about the Mitleider system. I gave him your website. He thought it was such a miracle that I should call the newspaper because they should do an article about it. Of course I didn't because Brad does not want the newspaper out here on our property. But he was so impressed with how much food I was getting in such a quick amount of time.

– Brad & Tammy D.

Thank you, very much...I was quite impressed with your assessment and explanation of the need for variety in the same veggie (such as tomatoes). Your devotion, passion and hands-on trials of your trade mean so much more than the "degrees" of others in the same field. You're doing what people will need to do. Thanks and keep it up!

– Lloyd Duncan

Thank you, Lucinda, for being one of the highlights of the show. I loved your presentation, wit and humor. I’m looking forward to digging into the books I bought from you and planning my fall garden with the seed bank stock.

– Charlie Alvey

I teach Master Gardeners in Amarillo how to grow vegetables and fruits for their families. Your selections are great and I now have a new personal favorite for a melon. The Ananas is the best tasting melon I’ve ever grown!

– Samantha Usnick

I have never received a package so quickly or wrapped so well, and the box is bigger than I thought. I can't imagine the size of the Treasury! The video you did for the gentleman at the Denver Expo was AWESOME. After seeing that, I quit looking at the competitor's products. Your knowledge and thoughtfulness in preparing what goes in these is what gave me the confidence to buy from you! You rock!!

– Amy Garrard

I purchased a PIGGY BANK last weekend. Your comment about providing enough seeds was spot on, with some envelopes having hundreds of seeds (rather than thirty as commercial packages have). The many varieties were also impressive. My only regret is downsizing and not having purchased the SAFE, per my original instinct. Thank you for making a difference.

– Bill Coffey

"Texas Ready" represents a state of mind, not a growing zone. Whether you live in New York or New Mexico, South Carolina or South Dakota, the heirloom breeds included in our TEXAS READY seed kits are guaranteed to perform well in your region.

If you cultivate your garden according to the instructions in the Mittleider Gardening Course, you should reap an abundant harvest in your first growing season with or without a green thumb. YOU CAN DO THIS!

Each of our banks contain over 70 open-pollinated varieties of non hybrid, non-GMO seed all personally selected for the bountiful home-grown production of tasty and nutritious vegetables, herbs, fruits and grains. Because we sell seed that is lab certified to meet or exceed USDA germination requirements for each particular breed, you may rest assured that your seeds will perform above and beyond all expectations.

Texas Ready Mittleider Gardening Class

Training Seminars

Texas Ready offers regular workshops on vegetable gardening, animal husbandry, food preservation & storage and other homesteading topics. Our monthly seminars are conducted at the Montgomery Community Center in Montgomery, Texas (there are nearby hotels for those wishing to attend from out of town).

Workshop Registration

The Vegetable Gardener's Bible

A great general gardening resource with detailed growing instructions for over 70 types of vegetables, fruits and herbs.

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Texas Ready does not use AI to generate emails, social media postings, blogs or website content. We are real people growing real food and helping our customers do the same.

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All Liberty Seed Banks come with a
Seed Viability Guarantee

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