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Texas Ready is delighted to announce our new online Mittleider Gardening Workshop. Produced in collaboration with our friends at Haven Earth, this is the same 5 hours of instruction that we present in our in-person workshops. But through the magic of online video, we gain the benefit of being able to demonstrate concepts and techniques with actual footage from the garden!

The Mittleider Gardening System is the most efficient, productive & predictable method of gardening you'll find. Learn all about garden infrastructure & planning; seeds & seedlings; plant cultivation, irrigation & nutrition; and how to harvest your produce. There's even a bonus unit on orchards. This is the perfect course for anyone seeking to become food self-sufficient. Texas Ready specializes in turning brown thumbs green!

The course is broken down into 9 units, as follows:

Unit 1 - Introduction to the Mittleider System
Unit 2 - Building Your Grow Boxes
Unit 3 - Installing Your Irrigation
Unit 4 - All About Seeds
Unit 5 - Garden Planning
Unit 6 - Plant Nutrition
Unit 7 - Plant Cultivation
Unit 8 - Seed Saving & Protecting Your Genetics
Unit 9 - Orchard Guidelines & Closing Comments

Extensive class notes will be provided upon registration, and the course may be viewed over time at your leisure.

The cost of the online workshop is $499, and you can register for it here

The following course materials are required:

The Mittleider Gardening Course
Texas Ready Mittleider Gardening Chart
Seed to Seed (this is the manual for Unit 8 of the course. It is optional, but highly recommended for persons seeking to become self-sufficient.)

If you don't already have these resources, they may be purchased here.


Texas Ready conducts regular workshops on gardening, animal husbandry and food storage & preservation. These workshops are usually held in Montgomery, Texas (just north of Houston), at the Montgomery Community Center. We currently have no live workshops scheduled, but hope to throw something up on the calendar this summer.

We also conduct workshops in other locales as our schedule permits. If you would like to host a Texas Ready workshop in your area, please let us know and we'll see what we can put together.