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Harvest Right Large Pro Freeze Dryer

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As of July 2023, all Harvest Right Freeze Dryers have been upgraded as follows:

  • Each size now accommodates one extra tray, increasing batch capacity! For example, the old 5-tray Large is now the new 6-tray Large, resulting in a 20% increase in capacity. (Dryer & tray dimensions are unchanged.)
  • Faster processing times.
  • Improved software & user interface.
  • Increased energy efficiency.
  • Price remains the same & still includes shipping!

This Large freeze dryer will process 3,000 pounds of fresh food per year (1418 pounds per batch). In a year's time, you can freeze-dry 655 gallons of food.

The following accessories come packaged with your freeze dryer:

  • Premier vacuum pump
  • Oil filter
  • 6 stainless steel trays (9″ × 20.5″ × 0.75″)
  • Mylar bags (50 ct)
  • Oxygen absorbers (50 ct)
  • Impulse sealer
  • Instructions & Guide to Freeze Drying

Dimensions: 21.3“ W × 27.5” D × 31.3” H (footprint: 20.25“ W × 24.3” D × 31.3” H)

Weight: 138 lbs

Power: 110-volt NEMA 5-20 outlet (A dedicated 20-amp circuit is required.)

Shipping Info: This freeze dryer ships in one package with a total weight of 253 lbs (274 lbs for stainless steel). It may be delivered only to physical addresses, not to PO boxes. One freeze dryer package measures 29″ W × 38″ D × 48″ H.

Maintenance: Simply filter & replace the oil every 2025 cycles. (The oil can be recycled one time, a straightforward task that takes only a couple of minutes.)

Warranty: 3-year limited warranty