Texas Ready

Designed exclusively for use by persons using the Texas Ready approach to Mittleider Gardening, this chart pulls together important information from numerous sources enabling you to more easily plan your garden and growing seasons. 

For each variety found in a Texas Ready seed bank, the chart describes:

  • Secondary plant uses
  • Whether to grow from seed or seedlings
  • Plant hardiness
  • When to plant
  • Plant spacing
  • Seed depth
  • The number of rows per Mittleider bed
  • The number of plants and expected yield for that bed
  • The average number of nutrient applications
  • Mature plant height
  • The number of days to maturity
  • Harvest period
  • Other plants that might cross-pollinate
  • Whether the variety is an annual, perennial, biennial or self-seeding

The double-sided, full color chart measures 6.5″ x 10″ and is fully laminated & edge-sealed. It will be an invaluable reference in your gardening tool-kit!


This chart is included free of charge with every Texas Ready Liberty Seed Bank. Therefore, if you are purchasing a bank from us, only order the chart if you would like to have an additional copy on hand.